What Women Can Learn from the Best Strip Clubs

Donald | February 20, 2018 | 0 | Escort , Featured

Men are not the only species who visit the best strip clubs in town. Women do too.

It’s not necessary, however, that women only go to clubs with male strippers. They can hit clubs with hot chicks in sexy bikinis as well. In fact, women should try doing this at least once in their lifetime, what with a few pointers they can take home with them.

When women go to the best strip clubs they will…

  • Know if they dress as slutty or not as actual strippers

If anyone’s told you that you dress like a stripper, you will know the truth when you visit a strip club and see a stripper with your own eyes.

  • Wear a little more make-up and dress sexier

Suffice to say that the night you decide to visit a gentlemen’s club is an excuse to doll up. And doll up, you should.

  • Learn a thing or two about sweat-proof makeup

Ever wondered why strippers look great before and after they work the pole? You need to know their secret if you want to put an end to the days when you look like a melted ice cream after a tough day.

  • Feel empowered

Look at all those men ogling a stripper on stage? They’re practically drooling, with their attention nailed on that semi-nude performer. You could say that strippers have men eating out of their hands and making them pay big money almost unconsciously. Not just any woman can do that.

  • Open the mind to possibilities

Ever heard of a couple’s lap dance? Yes. It’s when a couple gets a lap dance from the same stripper. You have to give it to the partner who’s willing to let a stripper touch his/her lover and watch. That kind of open-mindedness and trust are pretty impressive.

Can you see yourself agreeing and doing the same thing?

  • Wonder if she shares the same taste in strippers as her boyfriend

Most women find it hard to accept that their lovey-dovey visits the best strip clubs. But points to if you are open about it. Don’t be surprised if you end up thinking about your man’s taste in strippers, however. Does he prefer them blond and breast-augmented? Or is he more of a natural and organic kind of guy?

Men and women have different experiences when they visit the best strip clubs in town. So why not find out what you will experience firsthand when you do?

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