Are These Myths About Strippers True?

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Strip clubs in the Valley and in other regions are becoming ubiquitous around the world. There are even establishments which are open for business during the daytime. Indeed, the stripping joints of today are no longer seedy places located in dark alleys and operating only late at night.

In these modern times, adult clubs are now places where many people go to relax, unwind, and have a fun night out. They are venues for buck parties, hen nights, birthdays, and even office celebrations.

Despite society being more accepting of strip joints, there is still a lot of stereotyping going on about strippers. Even when more people are interacting with exotic dancers, most actually haven’t changed their perception of these adult entertainers.

To hopefully break those preconceived notions, here are 4 myths about strippers that we’re going to debunk.     

  1. They have a dangerous profession

True. They may not be sacrificing their lives crossing enemy lines or chasing after criminals, but dancers in adult clubs actually face various forms of danger at work. Some have been assaulted, threatened, stalked, and even followed to their car or home.

Luckily, most strip clubs in the Valley and in other places have rules in place to provide protection for their dancers. See? There is a good reason for that “no touching” policy after all.

As a good customer, show respect for the safety of the workers and follow the house rules.


  1. Anyone can be a stripper

True. But, you need to have the confidence to take your clothes off in front of people and showcase your body in its full glorious nakedness. You also need to know how to dance and work the stage. You need to be fit enough to climb then slide down a pole. You should be able to work long hours wearing barely anything and high heels (for the ladies).

Aside from that, you need to know how to be charming, a good listener,  and a skilled conversant. You need to be patient in dealing with rowdy and drunk customers who tend to get carried away. Not to mention having to be fun and entertaining no matter how tired or not-in-the-mood you feel.

Anyone can be a stripper, but stripping isn’t for everyone. It’s a demanding profession that requires skills, guts, and talent. You need to be dedicated to your job in order to thrive in the industry.

So the next time you visit strip clubs in the Valley, be kind enough to tip the dancers. You know how hard the ladies are working to ensure you have a good time.     

  1. Strippers always date their clients

False. There may be some who do end up dating or marrying their customers, but this isn’t always the case. Some adult entertainers prefer to keep their work and personal life separated. Others are already married or seeing someone who isn’t a client. Some establishments also have rules against this.

So, if you feel the urge to ask your favourite dancer out to dinner, make sure first that it’s allowed by the club and that she isn’t already with someone. Make sure she is also open and comfortable with the idea. And if she says no, don’t take it personally or insist. Maybe she has a husband with muscles of a bodybuilder who’ll be waiting for you outside. Yikes!


  1. You can ask for something “extra” from a stripper

False. Definitely a no-no in legitimate adult clubs, so make sure to never ask. Strippers are not prostitutes. They are there to give you pleasure, but going the next level is not included on the menu. Make sure to respect boundaries and club policies if you don’t want to be kicked out and banned.  

There may be some joints where you can ask for special favours, such as sniffing a dancer’s feet for your fetish or other kinky stuff. However, you always have to ask permission first and have to pay extra before they extend you the service.

There are so many other stereotypes about someone who strips for a living. And the only way you can actually ever really get to know the truths behind these preconceived notions is if you take the time to get to know them. Hopefully, more people will eventually go beyond what strippers do for a living and see them for the beautiful and unique persons that they are.   


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