How to Be a Classy Patron at the Classiest Strip Club in Brisbane?

Donald | September 6, 2018 | 0 | Escort

Tired of the rowdiness at the local topless bar? Do you feel uncomfortable with the odd-looking people there? Have you had any bad experience? Or, are you just looking for a place that is better than the last?

Why not head down to the classiest strip club in Brisbane. You read it right! You can be both classy and full of testosterone at the same time. That is possible. But how can you become a well-refined fellow who frequents stripper bars? How is it possible to stay well-mannered in spite of the beauties around you?

Well, there are a few things that you must know to become a man of sophistication.


Be respectful.

First of all, you have to be respectful towards the strippers. Yes, they may be lacking more than one article of clothing, but that does not mean that you should act like a total idiot. Remember that they are still human and are still capable of being hurt.

Also be polite towards the bartender, waiter or waitress, and most especially the bouncers. You do not want to deal with them at all.


Know the club rules.

Rules are everywhere because it keeps everything in order. So, if you plan on going to the classiest strip club in Brisbane, make sure that you ask for their house rules. When the management is not quite clear with the policies of the club, feel free to approach any of the staff politely.

For beginners, club rulebooks state that touching is highly prohibited. Even if a stripper is teasing you, do not ever lay your hands on her. It is not like she is inviting you or that you are getting lucky. She is just doing her job as a temptress.


Bring a wad of cash.

A classy patron brings a lot of cash with him. Remember, you have to buy drinks and give tips to stay inside. Tip every single staff who serves you who includes the bartender and waitresses. Although tipping rules vary by nightclub, you should tip the dancer if you are going to watch her strip.  

On the other hand, for a sensual lap dance, you need around $20AUD per song plus tip for the stripper. And if you want VIP service, you have to pay by the hour. That is why you should be bringing a lot of money with you.


Plan things out accordingly.

Since you are going to need money. It is only right that you make a plan on how much you are willing to spend. You do not want to end the night being kicked out of the topless bar. That will be embarrassing.


Stay out of trouble.

Speaking about keeping yourself from utter embarrassment, you should also avoid making a scene. At the classiest strip club in Brisbane, you are expected to act like a real man. No. This does not include getting into fist fights and ravishing women. Put your gentlemanly skills and earn the respect of the working staff. Who knows? If you are being a classy patron, they will offer you membership to their VIP club.

To be a classy fellow, you have to be respectful, polite, and generous. Moreover, you have to know the rules and follow them accordingly. These include tipping the staff and paying for your drinks. Being a sophisticated old chap is not that hard. And if you are, surely the doors of the finest strip bars in Brisbane are open for you.

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