5 Golden Rules for Bachelor Parties

Donald | February 23, 2018 | 0 | Escort , Featured

As the best man, you should never let your buddy walk down that aisle without a memorable bucks party Brisbane has in store for grooms everywhere. But before you start imagining about the lovely ladies you’ll see at the strip club, there are some things you should know about stag dos.

Heed the following tips and you’ll actually have an evening worth remembering for years to come.

Focus on the groom

Your best pal is about to get hitched, and he’s either excited or nervous about the whole shebang. You should help him forget about all that for one night. So, you should organise a party that will be for him and not for you or any of the other guys. Find out what he would like to experience and take advantage of your knowledge about him. Get all of the groomsmen onboard your plan to make the groom happy.

Check with the bride

Yeah, the stag do is for your buddy but you won’t want to make his bride your enemy. Make it your job to have the couple talk about what kind of bucks party Brisbane it will be, including what activities will be acceptable or not. It doesn’t matter how your other friend did it. You should fall in line or you might find yourself uninvited to the wedding and blocked out for the rest of your pal’s life.

Consider the costs

Unless you and the gang are loaded like Elon Musk, you should ensure that the event doesn’t cost a fortune. If there’s a guy who can’t afford what you have in mind, the rest should chip-in without any complaints. Always set a budget for every activity planned though most things should be split equally. This doesn’t include plane tickets, stripper tips, and gambling. The groom should never pay for anything.

Avoid acting like frat boys

What this means is that there should be no hazing whatsoever. And never try to embarrass the star of the night AKA no daring him to run down a hotel hallway naked. Neither should you put him in danger unless you want him saying his vows with a cast on. Having a few shots is all right unless you’re chasing them with beer towers. Drugs during your stag do are a no-go too.

Eliminate incriminating evidence

Many things could happen during a bachelor party. Some of your mates might be tempted to share some things that the groom would rather not have their bride not know about. Being the best man, you have to make sure that any compromising pictures are dealt with accordingly after the bash. You may need the assistance of the groomsmen to remind all the party guests that “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”.

Organising a memorable buck’s party can be a huge pain in the butt but just remember that it’s worth doing for your best mate.

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